The Huffington Post UK

                                                           Barefaced celebs – why our makeup obsession misses the point
It’s not easy being lean – the women of  London 2012
Braingasms and towel folding – the ASMR effect
Adventures in meditation – part 1


MTV Staying Alive Campaign

                        Are romance novels ruining our relationships?
30 years of HIV: Gay blood donation

International Women’s Day: take control

Battle of the sexes: Burlesque
Valentines Day: the different kinds of relationships
Sharing my experience



              Cut & Splice: Transmission at Wilton’s Music Hall
Mirrored City at 3 Bedfordbury
Phantoms of Nabua at BFI Southbank
Assemblage at John Jones Gallery
Mulletover January Sale
Celestial Contrakt
Dengue Fever at Scala


  Quirky Guide

                                  San Juan Chamula, Mexico
Tuhala Witches’ Well, Estonia
Henley-on-Todd Regatta, Australia
Boryeong mud festival, South Korea

Charities Direct

  Safe and sound
Balancing the books
Interpal cleared of terrorist links
Charity Credit Cards (feature)
Age Concern Case Study
Grassroots Grants Case Study

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