Health and wellbeing

What’s your food footprint?

New age meals on wheelsFood writer Joanna Blythman recently penned a controversial Guardian article – Can vegans stomach the unpalatable truth about quinoa? She claimed that western demand for super-grain quinoa was pushing up its prices in native Bolivia and Peru to the extent that locals could no longer afford their staple grain and were turning to cheaper junk… [Read more…]

January tinted glasses

january-bluesHumans are a predictable bunch, especially at this time of year. After the alcohol infused din of festive season revelry has dwindled and eventually died, those of us fortunate enough to have spent the last couple of weeks overindulging with loved ones are generally doing one of three things. De-toxing, wallowing in a pit of… [Read more…]

Adventures in meditation – part 1

‘Go away I’m MEDITATING!’ wasn’t something I expected to snarl at the knock on my bedroom door while in the throes of meditative bliss, but as it turns out, finding inner peace through this traditional Buddhist practice isn’t as easy as it looks. For something that from the outside looks like ‘sitting doing nothing’, learning… [Read more…]

Braingasms and towel folding – the ASMR effect

“Hey everybody, this is The Water Whispers and I’ve decided to make a towel folding video today, and maybe if I have enough time I’ll do some paper cutting…”, murmurs a gentle, lilting female voice. You wouldn’t think you’re listening to the beginning of a hit Youtube video, but over 6,000 viewings say otherwise. Strange things… [Read more…]

All about the money?

With fierce competition and often dismal pay, being creative for a living can sometimes feel like banging your head against a brick wall while being pelted with kippers. In the snow. However – prepare your smug faces, penniless artists – according to a new study published in Psychological Science, respect from your peers is a… [Read more…]

Globetrotter, Interrupted

Being lucky enough to go abroad frequently with my family meant the travel bug bit me at a young age. Discovering new countries and cultures flourished into a huge passion and I journeyed to Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Eastern Europe, Central and South America to name but a few places. But it’s now been over a… [Read more…]

Lord of the thighs

The feeling of teeth chattering in your skull with every thigh-shaking stride, that crusty layer of sweat-salt plastering your skin and the need to use a stairlift for 48 hours after you finish. Marathons are awesome. I ran/limped the London Marathon two years ago. It was a mind-blowing experience, a monumental challenge to take on… [Read more…]

The art of massage

‘Just relax’ rasped the sturdy Estonian lady as she pummelled essential oils into my lower back with what felt like a club, while I struggled to wriggle my crushed skull into a comfier position in the face hole. The Baltics are renowned for having some of the best spa facilities in the world, but my… [Read more…]

Better out than in?

Have you ever cried in front of your boss, marched past a crowd of colleagues with your skirt tucked into your knickers, or accidentally said ‘penis’ to a client? If, like me, you can answer with three yes’s, then you’ll be very familiar with this boardroom juggling feat – being professional, while also being human.… [Read more…]

The measure of happiness

It’s that time of year again. December’s festive bickering over the last Quality Street and Auntie Marge’s gin-fuelled racist rants at Christmas lunch have passed through the January-depression-memory-adjuster, leaving only fuzzy memories of family bliss and jolly games of Scrabble around the log fire. You’re reminded that it’s February, you haven’t kept any of your… [Read more…]

Put that in your crack pipe, and smoke it

Last year when I heard that the city of Vancouver’s public health authority had announced plans for a pilot project to hand free crack pipes to drug addicts, it definitely left a bad taste in my mouth. Then I learned that cities like Toronto and Winnipeg have been doing it for years, and the gag…[Read more…]

Happy planet

My last post focused on why the arts should have to prove their worth in monetary terms, which provides a great little segway into an inspirational talk I discovered on today. Wellbeing statistician Nic Marks takes the issue further to question why we’re so hell bent on measuring a nation’s success by its productivity,… [Read more…]

What the hell is Kale anyway?

My name is Claire, and I’m a healthy eater. No, this isn’t the beginning of a Salad Scoffers Anonymous meeting, although confessing to opting for a wholesome diet can feel tantamount to declaring an addiction to S & M fetish. Something downright filthy that should be kept hush hush. With a recent Cancer Research UK… [Read more…]

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