For the ladies

No More Page 3 – an ode to tits and arse

nomorepage3I remember The Sun newspaper littering the worn coffee tables of my school common room. The boys in the year above comparing page 3 models to various girls they’d seen naked. Katie from Dorset, 34DD, out on display like strawberry millions in the local sweet shop window. She was an aspiring photographer, apparently. I remember […]

Skinny-shaming and the mung bean myth

Angelina Jolie SaltI recently had the misfortune of catching Salt on the TV. When it became obvious that Angelina Jolie’s CIA-agent-on-the-run wasn’t the most believable character – in part due to gravity defying lorry hopping stunts, but largely because halfway in she somehow dyes her peroxide blonde tresses black without turning them purple first – I turned… [Read more…]

A bum deal

It’s Tuesday morning and I’m starting my day with a cup of tea, a load of editing and Channel 5 chat show The Wright Stuff on in the background. As the panellists chew over the issues and news stories of the day, one topic gets my attention. Bum pinching. Apparently a group of South London… [Read more…]

It’s Not Easy Being Lean

I’ve never been bothered about watching sport on the TV. When the English football team was being squeezed out of Euro 2012 by Italy earlier this summer, I could be found skipping gleefully down the middle of a traffic-free road, to make the most of a supermarket quieter than the Vatican after the sack of… [Read more…]

Barefaced celebs and our makeup obsession

Holly Willoughby recently posted a makeup free photo of herself on Twitter. She joins the growing brigade of female celebrities publicly baring their natural faces to prove that it’s not always necessary to pile on the slap as soon as the first ray of sunlight penetrates their retinas in the morning. There’s been a lot… [Read more…]

Father’s Day Fury

It’s June, John Lewis has stocked up on golf clubs and power drills and the internet is telling me to buy the Godfather Trilogy, a Silverstone driving experience or a day at a whiskey distillery for my pa. That’ right, Father’s Day cometh. Why is it that retailers, advertisers and the media can come up… [Read more…]

Travel on a G-string

‘Are you attractive but don’t have money to travel?’ Fear not, beautiful people – there’s a new website on the scene which can pair you up with rich, generous strangers who will fly you around the globe for free, on the proviso that you are hot hot hot. No, really, it’s a genuine website and…[Read more…]

Lady and the Van Driver

Ah Spring – the smell of cut grass, lambs frolicking in the sun and the sweet sound of sexist abuse winging its way towards women on the street. I’m looking at you, White Van Men. Why is it that as soon as the sun comes out, and winter coats are joyfully shed, that some men… [Read more…]

 Not on British soil, please

I do love a good protest. But I love a protest against a protest even more – such as tonight’s planned gathering by the Bloomsbury Pro-Choice Alliance, to counter the 40 Days for Life candlelit vigil taking place  outside the British Pregnancy Advisory Service clinic in central London. The 40 Days for Life campaign aims… [Read more…]

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