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Death: A Self Portrait

December 31, 2012


What better time to visit an exhibition exploring mortality than in the midst of an impending apocalypse? Dramatic interpretation of the end of the Mayan calendar meant that death was very much in the public consciousness on December 21, and as usual we were being nothing short of hysterical about it. So I wandered down […]

The Master

December 3, 2012


It’s been thirteen days since I watched it, but countless review reads and several empty attempts at foraging for subtext later, The Master still doesn’t mean a lot to me. In the eyes of those that seem to know best, Paul Thomas Anderson can do no wrong. His back catalogue of critically acclaimed movies is […]

New gags for old rope

May 16, 2012


When it comes to being a guinea pig, I draw the line at drug trials and cosmetics testing. Having top comedians try out their new material on me, however, is something I can certainly cope with. This is the unique twist given to traditional stand-up at the Old Rope Comedy Night. The weekly Monday night […]

Bang Said the Gun

April 20, 2012


Spoken word somehow knows how to reach deep into my soul, forage around for a bit, sling out any vapid debris I’ve picked up from crap TV, and replenish with spirit-nourishing, life-affirming verse. So when our host Dan proclaimed last evening’s festivities as ‘the poetry night for people that don’t like poetry’, I was worried. […]