Yellow twig road

Posted on January 15, 2013


Last summer Eton Dorney was a mad hive of activity as lycra clad athletes from across the globe, as well as their friends, family and adoring fans, descended upon Dorney Lake to be part of the biggest UK sporting event of our time – the London Olympics.

I wasn’t lucky enough to snap up a ticket for the rowing, but I watched live as the Brits claimed a sack-load of medals and the charged atmosphere was palpable through my TV screen. British rowing authorities say 32,000 people signed up for ‘learn to row’ courses around the country following the success of London 2012.

Fast forward to Boxing Day and it was a very different scene. The hyperactive summer buzz seemed a distant memory as throngs of wellie-boot-toting ramblers strolled across Dorney Common with their families and dogs, relaxed and full of festive cheer. The sky was a dull, oppressive grey but all around us a tapestry of naked twigs and branches boasted ripe berries and a vibrant yellow fungus which made for some very interesting photography…

All images copyright Claire Shropshall:

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