Postcards from Berlin

Posted on December 12, 2012


Fog has laid its cool soothing cover

On a fevered pulsing Berlin

Calming down the tempo

Transforming the sin.

Misty haze brings new quiet calm

To a city once wild with fear

The swirling air brings peace

The relief elicits a tear.

Sleepy days and lively nights

Outside is so very cold

But inside it’s warm and happy

Inside the city is bold.

A cozy moment at Zur Rosa

Retro shabby chic design

A stolen moment persists

Pleasure circling in time.

Blind eyes peer through the fog

See not but do not care

The invisible tangible connection

Proves that you are there.

Rosenthaler Romance by SandyInBerlin

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All images copyright Claire Shropshall