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My first Liebster Award

November 30, 2012


Something happened yesterday that I’ve been honing my tearful acceptance speech, scrubbing the pea soup stains off my best Primark frock and practicing my best shocked-and-ecstatically-grateful-while-secretly-cursing-you-all-for-not-nominating-me-sooner face for. The lovely Small World BIG Mouth has nominated me for a Liebster Award and I couldn’t be happier – knowing that people gain even just a shred […]

Adventures in meditation – part 1

November 23, 2012


‘Go away I’m MEDITATING!’ wasn’t something I expected to snarl at the knock on my bedroom door while in the throes of meditative bliss, but as it turns out, finding inner peace through this traditional Buddhist practice isn’t as easy as it looks. For something that from the outside looks like ‘sitting doing nothing’, learning […]

Josie Long – Romance and Adventure

November 9, 2012


Having only ever heard snippets of Josie Long ‘doing funnies’ on the Saturday morning 6music show with Andrew Collins, going to see her perform at Soho Theatre this week was a bit of a gamble. However I surmised a three times Foster’s Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee was bound to bring a few chuckles. I was […]