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Gove us a break – the new EBacc

September 24, 2012


‘Oh for heavens sake…’ muttered my science teacher, brandishing a fistful of marked mock exam papers at his nervous class. ‘Stop CRAPPING all over the QUESTIONS!’ Thus followed an entire lesson on exam technique to help trim back our rambling, excrement-like responses to ‘what the exam board wants to see’, and to get us ‘thinking […]

No snow Snowdonia

September 14, 2012


Last week something monumental happened – after a year and a half without leaving English soil, I found myself traversing the border and entering a whole new country. Where did I end up? Wales. Fine, it’s no Bermuda but the towering peaks of Snowdonia are nothing short of breathtaking. Deep glacial valleys flanked by lush […]

Braingasms and towel folding – the ASMR effect

September 5, 2012


“Hey everybody, this is The Water Whispers and I’ve decided to make a towel folding video today, and maybe if I have enough time I’ll do some paper cutting…”, murmurs a gentle, lilting female voice. You wouldn’t think you’re listening to the beginning of a hit Youtube video, but over 6,000 viewings say otherwise. Strange things […]