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Isles of Wonder

July 29, 2012


I’m confused about the Olympics. There’s a veritable trough of reasons not to support London 2012 – the corporate monopolies, the Olympic lanes, the seemingly unfair ticket distribution and the hoard of opportunistic east-end business owners, landlords and entrepreneurs trying to capitalise on the occasion and squeeze as much money out of tourists and Londoners […]

Distinguishing a Usain Bolt from a Homer Simpson

July 22, 2012


The great Charles Dickens was quoted as naming our capital city’s copious parks and green spaces the ‘lungs of London.’ A pretty apt moniker given the rejuvenating effect they have on their wheezing, choking metropolis – breathing life and vitality into a smog belching, tarmac crunching, urban jungle. The quintessential Londoner, Dickens knew his city’s streets, […]

Operation Freedom – A Veteran’s Story

July 17, 2012


Last week a lucky throng of children was positively starstruck when an 88-year-old Word War II veteran visited an east-end primary school. It was no Kim Kardashian, there was no red carpet, but a celebrity far worthier of the kids’ admiration arrived and the excitement was palpable. Veteran spitfire pilot Brian Bird came to Harbinger […]

Barefaced celebs and our makeup obsession

July 3, 2012


Holly Willoughby recently posted a makeup free photo of herself on Twitter. She joins the growing brigade of female celebrities publicly baring their natural faces to prove that it’s not always necessary to pile on the slap as soon as the first ray of sunlight penetrates their retinas in the morning. There’s been a lot […]