A village called Hope

Posted on May 21, 2012


I love to travel. In fact a lot of the time spent in my own country is whiled away dreaming about how I can be anywhere but my own country.

Which is ridiculous when there are places like the Peak District a mere train ride away from my doorstep. I visited this region of breathtaking mountainous beauty last autumn and was lucky enough to pass a couple of sunshine-filled days hiking through it. Albeit getting covered in mud and horrendously lost, but hiking nonetheless – and the leaves had just started to turn so the colour of the hillsides was truly stunning.

Staying in a picturesque little village called Hope with the Pennines-sweeping A road Snake Pass nearby, you wouldn’t be a total chump to confuse this scene with something out of a bad fantasy novel. But I can assure you it was real, and pretty awesome.

It was a weekend of fantastic photographic opportunity and a reminder that there’s no need to cross the oceans to find exciting lands to travel, when there’s so much right here on our own little island.

All photos copyright Claire Shropshall

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