Double vision

Posted on May 1, 2012


I’m quite simple.

When it comes to photography I’m absolutely obsessed with mirror images, reflections, how water can manipulate a subject and, you know, shiny things. I was bowled over by Kate Cledwyn’s photographic exhibition Mirrored City a couple of years ago, for its series of reflected and distorted snapshots of London architecture – this is just the kind of lens culture that I adore.

There’s just something about capturing an image in this secondary form. No two photos can ever be exactly the same, but the way light bounces off a reflection makes it even more unique.

I also love the way reflections can give a picture added depth and meaning – check out All my loving by Polish photographer Monika Paszkiewicz.

But enough ramping up  your expectations with all this incredible art – here are some of my attempts at reflective photography.

All photos copyright Claire Shropshall

Sunlight reflecting off Hertford Union Canal in East London creates a dazzling effect

Rowing boat reflections in Maidenhead, Berkshire

Graffiti reflected in the algae-clogged waters of Hertford Union Canal, East London

A single plant casts a shadow onto Hertford Union Canal, East London

London’s iconic ‘Gherkin’ building reflects in an office block opposite

Perth’s cityline casts a wobbly reflection into the sea (Australia)

New Zealand’s South Island offers countless mountain ranges and vast lakes to mirror them

More from New Zealand’s South Island

St Paul’s Cathedral reflected in the shiny One New Change shopping centre, London

Trees and canal boats leave ghostly reflections on Regent’s Canal on a frosty morning, East London

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