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The land where comedy goes to die

May 28, 2012


You’ve got to give it to the USA, they’ve come up with some gems over the years – like the Internet, rock ‘n’ roll and home delivered pizza. But lately there’s a more inferior collection of Yankee exports wafting across the Atlantic, in the form of very specifically titled, very specifically crap new TV shows. […]

A village called Hope

May 21, 2012


I love to travel. In fact a lot of the time spent in my own country is whiled away dreaming about how I can be anywhere but my own country. Which is ridiculous when there are places like the Peak District a mere train ride away from my doorstep. I visited this region of breathtaking […]

New gags for old rope

May 16, 2012


When it comes to being a guinea pig, I draw the line at drug trials and cosmetics testing. Having top comedians try out their new material on me, however, is something I can certainly cope with. This is the unique twist given to traditional stand-up at the Old Rope Comedy Night. The weekly Monday night […]

British Design 1948-2012

May 10, 2012


If you love exhibitions that leave your neck stiff as an albatross and your feet sorer than Paris Hilton’s size 11s after an LA shopping spree, this is the one for you. The Victoria & Albert’s latest offering – British Design 1948-2012 – presents a smorgasbord of buildings, objects, images and ideas plucked from the […]

Travel on a G-string

May 6, 2012


‘Are you attractive but don’t have money to travel?’ Fear not, beautiful people – there’s a new website on the scene which can pair you up with rich, generous strangers who will fly you around the globe for free, on the proviso that you are hot hot hot. No, really, it’s a genuine website and […]

Double vision

May 1, 2012


I’m quite simple. When it comes to photography I’m absolutely obsessed with mirror images, reflections, how water can manipulate a subject and, you know, shiny things. I was bowled over by Kate Cledwyn’s photographic exhibition Mirrored City a couple of years ago, for its series of reflected and distorted snapshots of London architecture – this is just […]