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Put that in your crack pipe, and smoke it

January 29, 2012


Last year when I heard that the city of Vancouver’s public health authority had announced plans for a pilot project to hand free crack pipes to drug addicts, it definitely left a bad taste in my mouth. Then I learned that cities like Toronto and Winnipeg have been doing it for years, and the gag […]

London 2012: dragging art across the Olympic finish line

January 20, 2012


Humans have been subject to plunder throughout the ages. King Tut had tomb raiders, English mail trains had Ronnie Biggs, Jennifer Anniston’s hair had Angelina Jolie, and for the last few years UK arts funding has wrestled with 2012’s sporting goliath – the Olympics. While I’ve been pumping up my shot putt arm and nurturing […]

Not so Iron Lady

January 16, 2012


My Meryl Streep obsession began as soon as I clapped eyes on her in Sophie’s Choice. It was love at first sight, and not of the ‘I love Madonna cos she’s awesome’ calibre, that dominated my teen years. This, dear readers, was a dalliance from a higher plane, a blinding admiration for astonishing acting skills […]

Guilty pleasures

January 6, 2012


While most people were having their stomachs pumped for mulled wine and mince pie overdoses this New Year, I had other things on my mind. Ridiculously beautiful, filthy rich, shallow and mindbogglingly melodramatic American adolescent things, to be precise. No, I’m not a really rubbish paedophile. I’m talking about the new series of 90210 – […]