Fancy a journey through the Valley of Crippling Self Doubt?

Posted on December 22, 2011


Sometimes I find writing an article feels like standing at the foot of a giant mountain while a gaggle of angry, flesh eating badgers snap at my heels.  Any notes/plans/article structures I produce can resemble a 36-car pile-up on the M25.

Recently a good friend of mine pointed me in the direction of someone who feels the same way. Although probably with less disturbing badger-related angst. Science writer Ed Yong charts his own agonizing journey through the writing process below, with enjoyment on the vertical axis and time running along the horizontal:

My favourite commentary on this diagram comes from journalist Maggie Koerth-Baker who suggests that while it’s very close to reality, she would make one amendment – plot the graph as a never ending ring; and between edits to last story and the finding of next story, insert ‘Valley of Crippling Self Doubt’.

God knows what happens to those foolish enough to attempt writing a novel…

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