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Calling all art illiterates

December 30, 2011


Living in East London you’re never short of opportunities to check out contemporary art, and believe me a lot of it is spleen rupturingly awesome. Plus you get to wander around crumbling old warehouses deep in the underbelly of Hackney, and stare at trendy art types clad in ironic hats, which is always entertaining. However, […]

Fancy a journey through the Valley of Crippling Self Doubt?

December 22, 2011


Sometimes I find writing an article feels like standing at the foot of a giant mountain while a gaggle of angry, flesh eating badgers snap at my heels.  Any notes/plans/article structures I produce can resemble a 36-car pile-up on the M25. Recently a good friend of mine pointed me in the direction of someone who […]

Happy planet

December 18, 2011


My last post focused on why the arts should have to prove their worth in monetary terms, which provides a great little segway into an inspirational talk I discovered on today. Wellbeing statistician Nic Marks takes the issue further to question why we’re so hell bent on measuring a nation’s success by its productivity, […]

Save our arts

December 15, 2011


After yet another amazing day spent wandering around a few of London’s best art institutions for free, soaking up some culture with a good friend, our conversation took a more sombre turn. ‘So how much longer do you reckon we’ll be able to do this?’ Silence. This wasn’t a rhetorical question but we decided to […]

What the hell is Kale anyway?

December 11, 2011


My name is Claire, and I’m a healthy eater. No, this isn’t the beginning of a Salad Scoffers Anonymous meeting, although confessing to opting for a wholesome diet can feel tantamount to declaring an addiction to S & M fetish. Something downright filthy that should be kept hush hush. With a recent Cancer Research UK […]